StartupMonitor Warning if any program registers itself to run at system startup.


StartupMonitor is a small utility that runs transparently (it doesn't even use a tray icon)
and notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup.
It prevents annoying programs from registering themselves behind your back.

StartupMonitor does not require Startup Control Panel, but it complements it nicely.
When you choose not to allow a program to register itself, the program's entry
becomes disabled in Startup Control Panel, so you can go back and enable it later if necessary.

StartupMonitor watches the Start Menu's Startup folders and the Run entries in the registry.

StartupMonitor works on all modern versions of Windows.


Download StartupMonitor 1.02 (60kb archive containing setup MSI)



Run the installer from the zip file. When the installation completes,
StartupMonitor will be automatically launched.


StartupMonitor will load automatically with Windows (ironic, isn't this?).
It runs completely transparently until a program registers itself to run at startup,
when it will show a message box like the one above.


Use the Stop StartupMonitor shortcut on the start menu.

Note: If you lose or delete this shortcut, go to Start > Run and enter:

StartupMonitor.exe /kill


Use the Uninstall icon on the start menu, or the Add/Remove Programs control panel.
StartupMonitor should shut down automatically when you do this,
but it might be a good idea to first manually close it using the directions above.

This page has been put up as the orginal page has be taken down.
so users that still love to use this small utility can.


updated 31-Jan-2016